Colin Nederkoorn was created in January 2006 with the sole purpose of promoting development of a solution to boot Windows XP natively on an Intel Mac. The contest was started by Colin Nederkoorn when he recognized that there should be no impossible technological barriers to loading Microsoft Windows on the Mac running Intel processors.

To start the contest, Colin contributed $100 of his own money and offered to manage a pool of money of others that would like to support developers working to solve this problem. The response was overwhelming with contest raising almost $14,000 before the prize was one by Jesus Lopez Amaro and Eric Wasserman. The XOM (XPonMac) software created by Jesus and Eric was fully functional, however required a technically challenging process to install. The cost of a lengthy install was not enough to stop many early adopters insatiable appetite to install the uninstallable. David Pogue of the New York Times ran through the process with Dan Dorato.

Initial ideas from the community were to continue doing contests for the rest of the functionality to iron out the bugs. The product was going to be open source software. The XOM solution has largely been outdated by Bootcamp, but for those interested in how it was done, the source is now (for the first time) freely available.