Colin Nederkoorn

About me

Back in January 2006, I started a challenge to create an open source solution for running Windows XP on the Intel Mac. The challenge raised over $13,500 from the crowd, and the problem was solved within a few months. Inspired by the success of this challenge, I left my job in sales and headed to Boston to join the world of startups.

I got a desk at Betahouse, and ended up working with a variety of startups associated with the coworking space. I moved to New York in fall of 2008 to join as Product Manager at Thrive, a personal finance startup. Thrive was acquired by Lending Tree in February 2009.

In the meantime, Brandon Kessler started ChallengePost to aggregate what the world wants and create challenges to make those things happen. Brandon was inspired to start ChallengePost by my original Windows XP on the Intel Mac challenge. I joined the team in February 2010 as the Head of Product. I spend most of my time designing user experiences to help ChallengePost change the world.