Colin Nederkoorn


  1. Never make a legally binding personal guarantee in relation to your business
  2. Your time and attention are your most valuable resource. Strangers will try to abuse your desire to be courteous in order to steal yours. (Or why I don’t feel guilty ignoring strangers who ring my door bell)
  3. Give without expecting anything in return.
  4. Breaking News < Analysis & Magazines < Books. If you spend your time keeping up with breaking news, you won’t understand topics deeply.
  5. Learn just enough so that you can start doing. The quicker you get your hands dirty, the quicker you are to solving a problem.
  6. When a task can be done by a computer more reliably, and with less effort, take the time up front to make it work.
  7. Focus on the outcome you want and modify the activities you’re doing based on will make that outcome happen sooner.
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